Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is a site designed to earn and save money for all its users.


2. Can anyone register on the site?
Yes absolutely everyone can register on the site as long as you are of legal age in the country where you live. Typically, this age is 18 years old.


3. Can I have multiple accounts?
No, it is strictly forbidden to have multiple accounts. It is also forbidden to use the same payment addresses for several accounts.


4. Can we use the same phone number and the same email address for multiple accounts? 
No, each account must have its own phone number and email address. 


5. How much can I earn?
It depends entirely on you, there are no limits.


6. How am I paying?
Currently we have two types of payment processors that are active: Payeer and PerfectMoney.


7. What is the minimum amount for a withdrawal?
It is only $ 4


8. What is the minimum amount for a deposit?
It is also $ 4


9. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw per month in total?
Currently, you can withdraw a total of $100 per month. You can withdraw this amount in one go or several times.


10. Do I have to pay fees for deposits and payments?
No, we do not claim any fees either for deposits or for payments, but your payment organization may claim fees from you according to their regulations. 


11. Can we register the same payment address for several accounts?
No, each account must have a payment address that is registered only in the name of the person responsible for that account. However, as we currently have 2 active payment processors in our system (Payeer and PerfectMoney), you have the right to register a payment address for each processor on the same user account but these payment addresses must still be registered in the name of the account user and must in no case be identical with those of another account. If you try to register the same payment address with another user's account, your account will be automatically banned by our system.


12. Can I sponsor other people?
You can sponsor as many people as you want. There is no limit.


13. Up to what level can we win in referrals?
You can have referral commissions up to your tenth level. 


14. Do we receive a referral bonus for members we rent or buy?
No, the referral bonus is only valid with members who have registered with your referral link and only for your first level.


15. Why are my referral bonuses not showing up?
You have to wait the next day or 24 hours before your referral bonuses appear. For this reason, you will not immediately see the referral bonus from your new referrals.


16. How do I know the amount of winnings I can earn?
In the "upgrade" part (above the screen in the middle), you can see the different amounts and potential winnings that you can earn according to your status.


17. Why can't I withdraw my earnings from Traffic Exchange?
Because these earnings are only used to promote your links, social networks, pages, groups, sites, blogs and all other links.
For example, if you want more people to visit your page in a social network, you can simply register a new advertisement with your link using your earnings and choosing the package that suits you.


18. Why am I not receiving a verification / confirmation code?
The codes sent to you have a limit (in number) for each hour. If you do not receive your code, it is probably because the limit has been reached. You must therefore wait until the next hour to request a code again. If you still do not receive a code even after the next hour, then wait 24 hours before trying to make another request.


19. How can I contact you?
You can contact us via support or via our email address:


20. My account has been banned. What should I do?
If you think your account has been unfairly banned, send us a message via our support or by email at: 

We will reactivate your account if this is due to a system error otherwise your account will be closed and you will no longer be able to access or recover your commissions but only the money that you have deposited and that has not been used.

21. How can I delete my account?
You can delete your account at any time from your profile at the top right:
settings -> preferences -> delete account