About İP addresses, payment addresses and deposit amounts 7/19/2021 4:22:11 AM

Dear members, we would like to inform you or remind you of our rules concerning the use of İP addresses and payment addresses as well as the money you deposit on our platform when your account is temporarily or permanently banned.
First of all, you should know that we do not prohibit the use of VPN or any other website/program that offers İP address service. You can even remain anonymous on our platform if you wish. However, what we prohibit is the use of the same İP address and the use of the same payment address with multiple accounts. Even if there are several people in your household who have an account on our platform, each must use a different İP address and payment address from other members. This rule also applies to your family members. You can use multiple İP addresses and multiple payment addresses, but they must always be different from other accounts.

Regarding the money you deposit in our accounts, you will always be able to recover this money, either directly (during the payment period which is currently made once at the beginning of each month) if you have not used it or indirectly, c that is, via your winnings if you have used some or all of this money. However, if your account is banned temporarily or permanently, then you will still be able to recover the amount that you have not yet used.
Example: You deposited $ 100 but only used $ 30 of that money and in the meantime you committed serious misconduct and your account was permanently banned. At your request, we will refund you at the beginning of next month (during the payment period) the rest of your money that you have not yet used, so $ 70.