About reductions in earnings 10/30/2020 8:30:19 AM

We were forced to decrease the earnings of the PTC ads to the initial value which was $ 0.001 per view. For Dailymotion videos, we decrease their numbers because we don't gain absolutely nothing from their views. Sometimes we happen to increase their numbers just to make you earn more money, it is a sacrifice we make for you but we cannot do it forever, we have a very limited budget. In the long term, we also intend to permanently remove the Dailymotion sub-tab.

Be aware, however, that our expenses are increasing considerably but our profits do not increase at the same speed and the balance of our budget goes negative in this way. We were therefore forced to make this decision to reduce the gains in the PTC part. This too was a sacrifice we made for you but now we can no longer afford to make these kinds of sacrifices.

Despite all the bad news, there are still some good things that will happen in the months to come. And one of those things is that there will be a rank system in our platform from now on. That is, the more you increase in rank, the more money you will earn.

The name of the ranks should logically be like below but we haven't made our final decision yet. You can also suggest names and even different lists of names.
1. Worker (everyone will logically start with this rank)
2. Head or team leader
3. Coordinator
4. Main coordinator
5. Department Director
6. Regional director
7. National director
8. General manager
9. CEO